In Any Language, Content is Still King

October 29, 2012
Hispanic consumers in the U.S. spent more than five hours a month per person watching video on a mobile phone during the first quarter of 2012, a 22 percent increase in usage over a year ago, according to Nielsen’s Cross-Platform Report. With video now available across a variety of devices, it’s to be expected that Hispanic consumers want more content options, a topic explored in a recent Nielsen consumer study commissioned by Univision.

When it comes to digital video—specifically content viewed through a subscription service such as Netflix, an ad-supported service like Hulu Plus, or purchased individually through a service like iTunes—60 percent of Spanish-speaking U.S. Hispanic consumers surveyed feel there’s a lack of Spanish-language content. Of course, more content across of variety of genres would be ideal, but the most valued include music videos and TV shows, according to 40 and 39 percent of the U.S. Hispanic consumers who responded, respectively.

While cost of digital services can be a barrier to use, the survey also found that some Spanish-speaking U.S. Hispanic consumers are still willing to pay for the Spanish-language content they really want. Twenty-one percent of respondents said they are willing to pay for new movies, while 15 percent said they wouldn’t mind paying or paying extra for sports content. Among those surveyed, episodes of current TV shows are also considered one of the most valued and appealing forms of digital content.

Spanish-language Digital Content

Most Wanted

Most Willing to Purchase
Music Videos 40.0% Movies (New Releases) 21.4%
TV Episodes (Current Season) 39.0% Sports 14.8%
TV Episodes (Past Seasons) 38.5% TV Episodes (Current Season)


Methodology: A survey of over 1,000 adults aged 18-49 of Hispanic origin who speak at least some Spanish and have an Internet connection at home or on a mobile device. Respondents were also involved in making decisions about their household’s television and/or Internet services.


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