Numu Multimedia is a Multimedia and Digital Marketing Company that drives superior results at all levels. We are built around dedicated teams that leverage their industry specific knowledge to ensure that our clients get the best digital advertising solutions and results.
We are the exclusive Digital Advertising Representative of the Saudi Research and Marketing Group, The Middle East’s Largest Media House.
Our portfolio includes the best in-demand News And Lifestyle websites and applications, With over 10 Million Unique Visitors and 70 Million Pages Views a Month, 1 Million iOS app Downloads, Numu Multimedia is the biggest premium News Network in the Region.
With reach across the globe, for brands we provide more opportunities to reach the right audiences wherever they can be found on the net.
For publishers with growing numbers of users from places far beyond their normal sales territories, Numu Multimedia serves as an extension of in-house sales teams, helping monetize local and international traffic at premium rates.

We have partnered with the industry’s top digital advertising and monitoring companies to ensure that our clients get the best possible service and results.
At Numu Multimedia we create communities that serve each and every vertical. Our first launched community is 9orti.net, a photo sharing community that has created a massive following and user base.

We provide the following services:

  • Measuring and Auditing of Advertising Campaigns
  • Streamlining Rich Media Ads
  • Real-Time Reports.
  • Ad Management for Publishers and Clients through DoubelClick.
  • Deeper insight into online performance with advanced reporting by DoubleClick DFP
  • Profiling of users via Effective Measure.
  • Training for Clients and Publisher’s on Ad Management Systems.
  • Digital Advertising and Media Consultation Services.
  • Multimedia Creative services.
  • Visual Services though our Broadcasting and Photo Studios.
  • Content Syndication.

Our services are expanding and our portfolio of websites is growing and you should join us to undergo the complete digital experience.